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Creating an account simplifies your use of our website and allows you to use specific applications that are not available to those who don't register. Once registered you can:

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You can register with The United States Tax Calculator by completing the registration form or by using the supported social network. If you choose to use a Social Network Login (Facebook for example) you will still need to complete certain profile information in order to make full use of the tools provided on The United States Tax Calculator.

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The United States Tax Calculator is a secure website protected by SSL so your data is protected. You can find additional information in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

How do I close my account?

If you decide to close your account then please contact us. When closing an account we carefully check all associated data that matches your profile before completely deleting your data. Certain information (comments on forums or articles) may still appear but your username will be removed and replaced with the word 'Anon' or similar. This is to ensure consistency of data resources, for example your comments may have helped other to use, comprehend or answer a question which in turn supports our wider community. If you prefer that your comments are removed, we may replace the comments with similar text to ensure the seamless transition for our other users. We will discuss any actions necessary with your throughout the account deletion process. Please note that if you choose to close your account, you are welcome to re-register at a future date but none of your historical account information will be available.

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